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The South Rim of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Visiting the Grand Canyon? Your complete guide for a Northern Arizona road trip

The Grand Canyon may be one of America's most famous national parks, but there's so much more to see and do in Northern Arizona.
a man in a wheelchair performing a biceps curl

Gym etiquette: The unwritten rules everyone should follow

VW van

From efficient to exotic, these are the best road trip cars for exploring the country

Fresh honey

Is honey a superfood? Here are 10 reasons we think so

Hancock St. caviar with chips

What is caviar? A seafood expert breaks down all the details

man drinking pre-workout supplement.

The most effective pre-workout routine is so easy it’s ridiculous

These beach body workout tips from a pro will help you get in shirtless shape fast

Close-up of meat on a barbecue grill

Level up your backyard barbecue with these easy tips from an expert pitmaster

Homemade iced tea, lemonade with fresh ginger, lemon, lime and mint

The 8 best iced tea brands to drink this summer

Pork ribs grilling barbecue

Want a dish that’s as captivating as the fireworks? Go with this BBQ ribs approach for the 4th of July

united airlines app changes phone

Does air travel stress you out? You’ll love these changes to the United Airlines app

An assortment of citrus fruits and nuts.

12 tips for healthy habits from TB12 body coach Bryan Hart

Bowls of bone broth on a tray

How to break a fast — the best foods to eat

If you're on a fasting diet, you might be wondering what you can (and should) eat when it's meal time. These seven suggestions are your best bet.
Man riding a bike trainer

Learn the best stationary bike workouts for every fitness level (from beginner to advanced)

The best stationary bike workouts will help maintain your fitness by cycling indoors no matter the weather outside.
Foods high In gluten

11 foods high in gluten to avoid on a gluten-free diet

Need to go gluten-free? Make sure to avoid everything on this list of foods high in gluten and learn about possible alternatives!
how to age fish PABU

How to age fish at home (your new favorite hobby)

You're heard of aging beef and curing pork, but you can also age fish to give it a better texture and flavor. Here's how to age fish at home.
Healthy foods

High protein diets: Everything you need to know

There are many benefits to a high protein diet, including weight loss, muscle recovery, and satiation. Learn what foods to start incorporating!
A busy airport with people getting in line at check in.

The U.S. airports with the shortest (and longest) security wait times

See which US airports have the shortest TSA wait times to help you keep your calm, and which ones might make your nostrils flare with impatience.
Person grilling

You’ve probably never grilled these 10 foods…but you should

Ribs and burgers are wonderful, but these are some of our favorite grill ideas, and a few not-traditionally-grilled ingredients for your next cookout.
A person on a plane on their laptop and phone.

What to bring on a plane: Experts reveal what should always be in your carry-on

Have no idea what to pack in your carry-on? Our friendly experts put together the list of what to bring on a plane, so you don't have to stress about it.
A Qantas flight crew walking through the airport.

Not sure how to get over jet lag? A new report reveals Qantas has cracked the code

If you'd like to do more sightseeing and less napping, Qantas airline found ways for you to fight the effects of jet lag if you have a long flight ahead of you.
a man walking down the street listening to music

Your sedentary lifestyle is doing so much damage — here’s what to know and how to get moving

If your day job has you stuck behind a desk, there's no need to quit to move more. A few simple tricks can help you add more movement to your day.
Putting fried chicken into the tray of an air fryer

Yes, you should be preheating an air fryer — here’s why

Air fryers may be easier to use, but they still require a little prep work. This is how you preheat your air fryer so it cooks food even faster.
Aerial view of two men snorkeling in clear, shallow tropical water.

Grab your mask and fins, and head to the best snorkeling spots in the U.S.

The U.S. offers many breathtaking snorkeling spots with glimpses of underwater volcanic craters, tropical fish, sea turtles, whales, eels, and more.
Relaxing in the back of a car on a mattress

Here’s how to live in your car comfortably for a few weeks (or longer) like a pro

Here’s everything you’ll need to stay safe, sane, and happy when you choose to live out of your car for a little while if you ever want or need to.
An American Airlines airplane in an airport.

Travelers are going to hate American Airlines’ newest policy change

One specific downer when flying is that darn baggage fee. You might be more upset because the American Airlines baggage policy changed, and not for the better.
Man tying his shoes.

Is running bad for your knees? Here’s what science says

Can running actually cause knee pain? Read what numerous experts have to say on the topic, and learn ways to minimize knee pain during exercise.
Traveler pulling a rollaboard suitcase outside an airport, sun shining directly into the camera.

These are the travel memberships and subscriptions that are worth the money

Some subscription services make sense — and cents — for travelers. These are the best travel memberships and subscriptions that are worth the money in 2023.
Parmesan rinds cheese

Use your tasty Parmesan rinds — don’t throw them out

This flavor-packed outer cheese shell is a favorite “secret ingredient” of many pro chefs, including Eric Lees, the accomplished chef currently at Busan.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband in Los Angeles.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveals his top vacation spots (and what he never travels without)

We interviewed Jesse Tyler Ferguson on his favorite places to travel, how he makes the most of a vacation, and what he's always sure to pack in this interview!
Man choosing a product at a store

The 12 best almond milk brands to check out

Making dietary changes is a leap of faith. Check out our roundup of the best almond milk brands for 2023 to fuel your health and fitness journey.
View looking out from Inside oven as man cooks oven-baked salmon

How to reheat salmon so it’s just as good the next day

You wouldn't want rubbery salmon, right? Whether you have an oven or microwave, these reheating methods will help keep the salmon's best taste.
Trail runner jogging through mountains.

Aum Gandhi reveals the secret health benefits of trail running

We had the privilege of interviewing Aum Gandhi, a trail runner who preaches the profound connection between outdoor activities and mental well-being.
Man tying his shoes.

How to prevent shin splints: 5 simple tips for a better workout

Do you suffer from shin splints? Switch up your routine with these tips to help!
The inside of a busy airport.

Hate the airport security line? Make a reservation instead

If waiting in airport security lines feels like the absolute last way you want to spend hours in your day, you may be in luck.  
A view of a crowded airport with people sitting in the seats.

New government data reveals getting a cheap flight is as easy as picking the right airport

A bit of fun government data was released on how to find a cheap flight, so everyone can afford to see more destinations. Let's see what it says.
Si'u Point Trail, Ta'u Island, National Park of American Samoa.

Good news for JetBlue loyalists — the airline is adding a bunch of new routes to the Caribbean

JetBlue just announced plans to continue its expansion of flights—both in and outside of the U.S.—and some of those destinations happens to be to the Caribbean.
Close-up of four cooked shrimp sitting on ice.

Update your grocery list: Stock up on these ingredients to make quick meals

These ingredients are some of the most versatile foods that can be either whipped up in a minute or two, or, prepared thoughtfully.
A southern Crawfish plate.

Here’s how to crawfish boil the right way

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, mountain lobsters, yabbies, or mudbugs — whatever you call them, they're delicious. Here's how to eat them.
Man swimming in the ocean

5 amazing health benefits of swimming in the ocean

One should not overlook the incredible benefits of ocean swimming because it offers a unique experience that goes beyond the typical exercise routine.
Cans of RisEau cbd drinks.

The 7 best CBD-infused drinks we tried in 2023

From tasty fruit flavors to drinks that help to de-stress and mellow out, these are our favorite CBD-infused drinks.
Ghost ranch New Mexico

New Mexico road trip itinerary: These 3 incredible routes feature highlights and hidden gems

The ultimate New Mexico road trip consists of delicious food, vintage Americana, stunning backdrops, hiking, and relaxation.
Cutting carrots

The complete guide to kitchen knives (and how to use them like a pro)

Did you know there’s a massive variety of kitchen knives out there? Don’t worry, we’ve broken down a list of 19 kitchen knives and their best uses.
Man drinking a protein shake before exercising.

After eating a meal, be sure to wait to workout: This is how long you should wait to exercise

Exercising immediately after eating can cause cramps and indigestion. Learn how long to wait to work out after eating.
how to reheat fries image of golden brown  fresh crunchy french chunky chips cooked in air fryer healthier alternative snack

Turns out reheated French fries don’t have to be gross

Who says your leftover fries have to be soggy? Reheat your fries to a delicious crisp with these surefire reheating techniques.
Butcher shop counter in Denmark.

10 tips every home chef needs to follow when buying meat

10 tips every home chef needs to follow when buying meat

These are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you find yourself wandering aimlessly past the pork chops, wondering how in the world to order.
Porter house steak

This secret to a perfectly browned steak is almost impossible to believe

With a little water applied in just the right way, almost everything you make can have a beautifully browned caramelization that's packed full of flavor.
Frozen food in a freezer

11 foods you should never freeze (no matter how much money you save bulk buying)

Freezing food is a great way to stock up and save a little money. However, there are some foods that won't survive the icy blast of the freezer.
Passengers waiting at the airport, killing time o their phones.

These airports make travelers angriest (and we know why)

A Twitter analysis has revealed the airports that people complain about the most.
Small coffee cup and saucer

Forget cream or sugar: You should add salt to your coffee

Salt is notorious for adding flavor to food, and yes, drinks, but when added to coffee, it does so much more than that.