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The 8 Best Folding Tables for Your Next Camping Trip

campfire with coffee folding table next to it

Those who car camp often can afford the extra weight and space that a folding table requires. However, a great folding table can also become quite an asset while camping. Whether you need space for cooking prep, easy access to gear, or even a place to place games, folding tables are surprisingly useful. There are even some options that you could take backpacking if you are really determined to have the little luxury out in the backcountry. No matter your needs, these are the best folding tables to pack along whatever the length of your camping trip. With durability, stability, and easy setup, these tables offer everything you need.

Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen Table

The Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen Table is one of the best folding tables you can take along when you go camping. While its weight of 13 pounds and eight ounces rules it out for backpacking, it’s an amazing car camping table. With three tables for a stove and food prep and detachable shelves for pantry space, this table is incredibly convenient for preparing larger meals in the great outdoors. Unlike other folding kitchen tables for camping, this one actually packs down quite a bit and comes with its own carrying bag. You’ll be able to easily slide it into the back of the car without legs flopping open thanks to its neat and compact packed size.

Snow Peak Single Action Table

The Snow Peak Single Action Table is perfect for those looking to minimize their environmental impact as well as get a great value for the price. Though this bamboo-top table is on the pricier side, it is incredibly durable and will last for many adventurous trips. While this is a surprisingly sturdy table, it requires little time to open or break down thanks to its one-motion set-up. This table also comes with a carrying bag so you’ll be able to easily transport it between the campsite and your car ,too.

Alera Melamine Folding Table

Whether you plan to use this folding table by Alera indoors or outdoors, it’s sturdy enough to last for years. The 60-inch portable table has a classy walnut finish to fit any setting. Since it’s rectangular, the table is also compact enough for smaller spaces. The tabletop is durable with its black vinyl edges to prevent damage.

Helinox Camp Table One

The Helinox Camp Table One is a compact and extremely lightweight option. At just one pound and five ounces, this table is light enough to even pack for a short backpacking trip. Made with a very durable fabric tabletop and metal alloy legs, the table is strong and stable despite its light frame. Though it packs down well, the table offers plenty of room for whatever you may need such as a place to easily eat your dinner.

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table Ultra Compact Aluminum

This Coleman Outdoor Folding Table features an aluminum slat top and a steel frame to provide all the support your camp setup could need. The compact table assembles and breaks down easily yet provides enough room for four people to sit together. At just eight pounds and six ounces, this table is a reasonable weight and comes with its own bag for packing and transporting.

Lifetime 4428 Adjustable Folding Utility Table

Lifetime Folding Utility Table

The Lifetime 4428 Adjustable Folding Utility Table is perfect for versatile use. Thanks to its adjustable legs, the table can be customized to a wide range of heights that might suit your needs best. This table is large and heavier than most at just over 18 pounds. While the steel legs fold underneath the plastic tabletop, the top itself does not fold down. So you’ll need to leave plenty of room for this when packing your car or place it at the bottom along the floorboard. Those who rely on a very stable and strong table will find this to be one of the best options on the market.

Outry Lightweight Folding Table

Similar to the Helinox Camp Table, the Outry Lightweight Folding Table is also made with a highly durable nylon fabric tabletop and aluminum alloy legs and frame. The table weighs in at two pounds and six ounces, so it is also a great, light option with a great portability that still provides a stable base. The table has four drink cups built into the design, so this is a great outdoor dining table should you want to seat a few people for dinner or a game of cards.

Camp Chef Sherpa

The Camp Chef Sherpa table is another great kitchen table option. Though this table is lighter than the Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen Table, it does not break down as much. That means this table can be slightly more difficult to pack. However, this is one of the best, most stable campsite folding tables you can get. With a spacious tabletop and four pantry shelves underneath, this table will help keep you organized — especially at mealtime. At 10 pounds and two ounces, this model is well worth the space it takes up once it’s packed down into its carry case.

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