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Hiking is one of the simplest, most rewarding outdoor activities anyone can do. It doesn’t take much — just a good pair of shoes and an idea of where you want to go or what you’d like to see. Maybe you want to hike up a mountain just to see the morning sunrise – or perhaps you’re considering tackling the Pacific Coast Trail. Whatever your interest level, we’ve got all the best gear and advice to keep you enjoying your hikes.

A man with a red backpack stands on a mountaintop looking over more mountains.

The secret to a successful hike? Choosing the right hiking underwear

Getting your hiking layering right means starting from the base. The best hiking underwear helps your body regulate temperature and avoid chafing.
A man walks through a field using walking poles.

Here’s why you need to take trekking poles on the trail

A silhouette of some hikers against the sun

Hiking in hot weather: The essential rules everyone should follow

Tick on human finger

Tick safety 101: How to safely remove ticks (and avoid them in the first place)

A ski resort in the summer with a lake and resort buildings.

5 great reasons why you should go to your favorite ski resort this summer

best national parks rv camping yellowstone 2

Here’s everything you need to pack for a trip to Yellowstone National Park

A person holding a phone with the AllTrails Maps details.

These are the 5 best hiking apps for your outdoor adventures

Best Hiking Pants

Gear up for the trail this summer with the best hiking pants for men

Two people hiking the W Trek in Chile, mountains in the background.

Planning a camping or hiking trip? Reduce your carbon footprint with these tips

Full dinner grilling on a metal grate over an open campfire with a blurred couple in the background.

Stock your on-the-go outdoor kitchen with the best camping cookware

Trail runner jogging through mountains.

Aum Gandhi reveals the secret health benefits of trail running

Hiking and outdoor gear

Stock up on hiking and camping gear at the best places to shop for outdoor equipment deals

A hiking trail through pine woods.

Looking for a new hiking spot? 340 miles have been added to the National Trails System

If you already frequent one of these 9 hiking trails added to the National Trails System, you will see more trail markers, signs, and maintenance staff.
A breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park at sunset.

Yellowstone National Park issues a new warning (and we can’t believe people need to be told this)

The recent incidents in Yellowstone National Park serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of irresponsible behavior and disregard for wildlife.
Man hiking on Highlander adventure

Why more millennials are turning to hiking for exercise

If you've started hiking for exercise, you're not alone. Here's why millennials love it.
A fully tied figure-eight knot being rethreaded. Yellow and red rope tied around a stump on the grass.

Learn to tie (and untie) a double figure-eight knot

Learn how to tie the double figure-eight knot, perhaps the most secure knot in the world.
An Apple watchOS 10 displaying up-to-date hiking information

These new updates make the Apple Watch a hiking must-have

These new apps and features on the latest operating system from Apple make hiking even easier for all you iOS users out there.
Big camping green backpack and yellow tent in the mountains.

How to pack a tent in a backpack: A pro guide for beginners in 6 easy steps

When you’re out for an overnight hike in the wilderness, you want to be amply prepared for the experience. Here's a guide for how to pack a tent in a backpack.
A view of the Indiana National Dunes Park.

A guide to Indiana Dunes National Park: Where to visit, what to do, and more

The Midwest has its gems, and the Indiana Dunes National Park is definitely one of them. If you haven't made a visit yet, we have the guide to get you there.
A hiker carrying his hiking pack and gear.

Don’t make these 5 mistakes when packing your hiking pack

Don’t make these 5 mistakes when packing your hiking pack

These are the top 5 hiking pack mistakes you should steer clear of for a successful trek.
A clove hitch tied to a fixed point

Learn to tie the clove hitch for when you need a secure, adjustable knot

The clove hitch is the ultimate answer when it comes to tying an adjustable knot. Our guide teaches you to tie this hitch to a fixed point and for a carabiner.
new outdoor gear for camping and hiking 2023 pexels jens mahnke 776117

The camping and hiking gear we’re most looking forward to in 2023

The camping and hiking gear we’re most looking forward to in 2023

Level up your hiking and camping trips with the most exciting new outdoor gear from our favorite brands.
Hiker in a red hoodie taking photos overlooking San Francisco, California.

These are the 10 best cities in the U.S. for hiking and nature-loving city dwellers looking to “touch grass”

These are the 10 best cities in the U.S. for hiking and nature-loving city dwellers looking to “touch grass”

For nature-loving city dwellers, these 10 U.S. cities have it all, with great food, happening nightlife, shopping, outdoor adventures, and more.
how to waterproof a jacket man in rain

How to waterproof a jacket in 3 simple steps

Waterproofing your jacket can transform a comfortable wardrobe staple into the ultimate waterproof rain jacket, and it’s really not as hard as you might think.
A reef knot is tied against a tree

Learn to tie a square knot to secure loads when you’re out camping

There are a lot of knots that any boater or outdoorsman needs to know. The square knot will help with tying bundles or packages.
Two people hiking the W Trek in Chile, mountains in the background.

Set yourself up for success on your next long-distance hike

To be able to successfully complete your next long-distance hike, you need to be prepared. Here are the best ways to set yourself up for success.
Two people hiking the W Trek in Chile, mountains in the background.

Upgrade to the best warm-weather hiking gear of 2023

We’ve rounded up the best new gear for hiking (and camping and kayaking and whatever else you’re getting into) this spring and summer.
Weather with sun and clouds

Packing for the weather: The hiking gear you need for different climates

Packing for your hike means being aware of the climate and how it will affect you. These are the extras you might need in different conditions.
Vans MTE warm weather hiking boot

Vans hiking boots: Introducing a warm-weather addition to the MTE collection

Vans has just launched new hiking boots, the latest addition to its Made for the Elements (MTE) collection!
best hikes in united states 2021

These are the 10 best hikes in the United States

Declaring the “best hikes” is a recipe for a fistfight. Still, we’re boldly staking our claim to the best hikes throughout the United States.
An inquisitive black bear plods through a new growth of trees.

Aggressive bears have shut down camping in this part of the Appalachian trail

The U.S. Forest Service has just closed a part of the Appalachian trail to overnight camping due to a surge in bear attacks.
Closeup of a hand holding a smartphone with a picture of a small seedling on the screen.

Get the best nature apps for identifying unknown plants and critters right from your smartphone

If you're insatiably curious about the natural world, these mobile nature apps will help you identify almost any unknown plant or critter.
Mountain hiker with a large backpack looking into the distance.

Going on a solo hiking trip? Here’s how to stay safe while hiking alone

While solo hiking can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, let's not forget that solo hiking also comes with its own set of challenges and risks.
Skinning knife

These are the best skinning knives to up your hunting game this year

Skinning your game doesn't have to be a hassle. For your next hunting trip, be sure to come prepared with one of the best skinning knives for 2023.
pond and mountain in Yosemite Park

There’s a new ranking of the 10 best national parks and some surprising faves aren’t on it

Searching for your next big adventure? Read on to discover which national parks made the top 10, and which fell short of everyone’s expectations.
EDC knife

When you need the very best EDC knife, these 8 knives make the cut

The best EDC knives come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, but these top-of-the-line blades are our favorite go-to picks.
search and rescue guide rescuers getty images 1053914002

Why search and rescue calls can cost unprepared U.S. hikers big

In the U.S., search and rescue (SAR) operations are available throughout much of the country. But, it’s not always a free public service in every state.
Low-angle closeup of man walking in hiking boots on the trail.

Get the right hiking boot fit for long days on the trail

Looking for a new pair of hiking boots but don't know how they should fit? This guide explains exactly how to fit hiking boots.
A group of people hiking outside.

How to train for hiking: The 10 best exercises you can do

Training for hiking involves strengthening your legs and core. Here are only some great workouts for hikers to try.
how to clean your hydro flask 1024x1024

How to clean your hydro flask for tang-free hydration

Using your Hydro Flask daily can take a toll on its cleanliness and condition. Here's a guide on how to clean your Hydro Flask properly so it'll last for years.
A Haunted, scary trail

The 5 best scary movies about hiking (and the lessons you can learn from them)

These scary movies about hikers are a lot of fun for horror fans but can also teach us valuable lessons about staying safe on the trail.
A man on a beach using a smoke signal.

These SOS signals could save your life

Whether you're lost in a forest or trapped in a confined space, be sure to read up on our list of SOS signals to save you from potential danger.
Dangerous hiking at Mount Washington

Type 2 fun: Do we love to suffer?

There are different types of fun when it comes to any outdoor experience, and this article looks at the psychology of enjoying your time outside.
Man with backpack looks out over Yellowstone National Park's wilderness on overcast day

What’s the difference between 2 and 3 layer Gore-Tex?

As part of the description on a waterproof jacket, you'll see that it says 2, 2.5, or 3 layer GORE-TEX, but what does this really mean? We'll take a look.
A man treks through the Scottish highlands with mountains all around

Pack your multiday backpack for comfort with our guide

Learn to pack your overnight backpack to keep important items close at hand and save yourself hassle when you arrive at camp.
mount everest nepal

This is how much it actually costs to climb Mount Everest

We spoke to mountaineers Alan Arnette and Garrett Madison to find out what it takes to summit Mount Everest and how it feels to stand on top of the world.
A reef knot is tied against a tree

6 essential knots for every outdoorsman to learn

Every outdoorsman needs to know how to tie a knot for all occasions. Here are our top six outdoor knots for camping, backpacking, and survival.
Mountain photo

Third Man Syndrome: The weird phenomenon extreme mountain climbers experience

The Third Man has acted as a guide, advisor, companion, and much more to those in need, but who or what is this presence and does it really exist?
Young man using a portable water filter near a backcountry stream.

Hydrate safely with the best portable water filters

A durable, compact, simple, and reliable water filter is indispensable. There are plenty of great ones on the market today, and we’ve rounded up the best.
Man looking over a trail's vista

3 lesser-known tips that can save your life on the trail

Make your next hike a safe and enjoyable one with our brief guide on survival tips and hacks, which includes fighting off bears and navigating the wild.