Cancer Crowdfunding

Fight Cancer with The Help of Crowdfunding

The Hifazat Care is an online fund raising platform that helps seriously ill cancer patients to get the desired treatment. We support people of all age groups as we understand the journey of complicated treatment drains persons out of finances or sometimes as not even affordable. We help those who are faced with cancer to get the most adequate and modern treatment and drugs as soon as possible by crowdfunding campaigns.

Crowdfunding For Cancer
We help cancer patients to raise funds to avail the best in class treatment facilities available in the country. Oncology medicines are often so expensive that they are completely inaccessible to patients. There are significant shortcomings in the operation of the public procurement system. We help where it is especially needed by paying online bills through crowdfunding.

Cancer is not always a sentence. We help fight this disease in every possible way that medicine currently knows.

Cover Medical Expenses with these Fundraising Ideas

A single platform to manage all of your fundraising activities and ensure a thriving institution for students and faculty. have been developed with the rapid evolution of today's world in mind. We help digitally transform your fundraising process to make it easier and more efficient. Our flexible and scalable solutions allow you to:

Help Any Family Member or A Friend

Start raising funds with just a click, you can start raising fund to help any family, friend or colleague who urgently need funds for their medical treatment or for paying medical bills.

Fund Your Own Treatment

Take care of your medical treatment your own by starting fundraising to support yourself in medical treatment.

Fight An Emergency

Overcome the emergency medical need by raising funds quickly thru our medium.

Fight Cancer

Cancer treatment and chemotherapy can be very expensive, raise money to treat cancer.

Back A Patient

As a specialist, you can help your patient accumulate the necessary assets for clinical treatment by beginning a pledge drive for him/her.

Raise Funds For At-Home Care

On the off chance that a patient or a senior resident needs clinical consideration at home, you can help them by fund-raising for day medical caretakers and at-home specialist visits.

Get Money For Organ Transplant

You can support organ transplant cost by fund-raising on the web to help spare yourself or a friend or family member.

Daily Prescriptions And Care

For grown-ups and senior residents experiencing ailments that need every day prescription or specialist visits, you can fund-raise for your everyday clinical expenses.

Back An NGO

You can begin a fundraising to help a NGO that effectively underpins clinical research, helps clinical patients and gives free immunizations or meds.

How Crowdfunding Works on Hifazat Care

Step 1: Create your fund raiser instantly
Step 2: Share your fundraiser online
Step 3: Start Receiving Donations From Around The World
Step 4: Transfer funds to hospital directly

A Complete Range Of Solutions To Help You Attract Supporters And Raise Even More Funds

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Why Crowdfund with us?

  • Anyone can start fundraising within 5-7 minutes.
  • Instant Approval within 5 mins on your Fundraiser with minimal documentation.
  • Receive donations from all around the world without stress of repayment
  • Highly Mobile Responsive
  • 24*7 end-to-end Fundraising Support through various user friendly medium including Email, WhatsApp

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