An Urgent SOS From Ms Kalpana Sharma For Assistance To Treat Her For A Stone In Right Kidney.

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She has been suffering from excruciating abdominal pain since the last three days and preliminary examination has shown that she has a huge stone in her right kidney.

Given the COVID-19 times, it is hugely difficult for the family to raise enough funds for her treatment.

Kalpana belongs to the lower middle class and has consulted with a Charitable Trust that has been able to give her only symptomatic relief for her pain. Her treatment is urgent and her need for medical attention immense.

We appeal to the philanthropic in each one of you to come forward to offer some assistance to this needy lady who is suffering untold pain because of her condition. The Diagnostic costs themselves are formidable and whatever treatment she is advised can only be undertaken after she goes through the tests that have been recommended for her. During these times she will not be entertained anywhere for donations or assistance except for an online forum like ours. No Banks, no Financiers can help her without lengthy and laborious paperwork,  which anyways she is medically unfit for in the present times,  and even if she was the results would still remain uncertain.

It is only your humanity and helping hand that can give some relief to Kalpana. Kindly do take heed of her painful cries for help and come forward to lend some assistance.

Do reach out to us and we will be happy to guide you through our donation process which is easy to follow and reach the patient at the earliest time possible.

All donations made towards a cause through us are eligible for tax exemptions which are passed on to you.

Kalpana needs you and is depending upon noble souls like you to help her get some relief and treatment for the Kidney Stone that is making her suffer. If her condition goes unattended she may land in further kidney trouble which can be life-threatening for her.

All documents and supporting reports will be made available to you to track her condition and follow up on the results of the good deed done by you.

We appeal to the goodness that resides in you to help us to help Kalpana.

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