About us (Hifazat Care)

Hifazat care, is a brand having specialization in medical and social causes crowdfunding. We are the platform responsible looking forward for the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in India to raise funds for medical emergencies, personal needs, creative projects or any social cause - be it big or small.

Hifazat Care being a Medi -Fintech platform offers financial solutions for Healthcare Based services designed to serve the end consumer’s and provider’s needs with the help of a customised Medical Assistance Package.

We are official partners of the TS Foundation charitable trust crowdfunding platform. If you are thinking of financing your own cause or for an NGO with crowdfunding, you are in the right place.

TS Foundation Charitable Trust has been designed to meet expenses related to all kind of medical treatments for the people who cannot afford the treatment and for promoting education.

“It is dedicated in the memory of my father Late Sardar Tirlochan Singh”
– Ms Kirandeep Kaur, Founder & CEO KD Financial Services

A Complete Range Of Solutions To Help You Attract Supporters And Raise Even More Funds

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, also known as Mass Financing, or Crowdfunding is the collective cooperation of people who invests or donate money, usually online, to support causes, projects started by other people or organizations for education, paying medical bills, and other financial support. In return, project organizers offer different rewards to patrons based on the investment made.

The success of a crowdfunding causes and projects depends, to a large extent, on a good dissemination that connects the project with its potential audience. It is essential to carry out a good communication campaign that may include advertising, public relations, social networks, the press office, etc. For this reason, the cost of communication must be foreseen within the figure to be raised.

What does Hifazat Care offer?

Hifazat Care is a well-known technology platform specialized in Crowdfunding. We offer various packs that adapt to the needs of the fundraiser. However, if you do not find any solution to overcome your financial need, contact us and we will find a way to help you.

Ours is a professionalized vision of crowdfunding: we believe that it is the financing tool for the present and the future. If we pledge to work on someone’s need, it is because we believe in it.

Hifazat Care system offers a universal service funding - a platform on which you can place applications to raise funds for your cause instantly.

With the help of our experts, we've built a friendly-to-use platform to help the fundraiser achieve its cause through Hifazat Care, who will lead the world to goodness. We offer the best online platforms and strategies to gather the crowd towards great ideas and cause and get good things done fast.

What We Do?

We have a team of innovative, supportive and strategic experts who always there for helping and empowering people to use the crowdfunding to really make a positive difference in their lives and society. With the help of different effective strategic campaigns, writing stories and creating attractive content for various online medium we are reaching out more audience, NGO’s and disbursing funds. We believe in empowering needy with heart and soul.