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Education Crowdfunding: Your Dream Is Now Within Your Reach With Hifazat Care

Hifazat Care provides a variety of online fundraising solution for one who can't even afford their basic education, including crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.
You can use Hifazat Care to raise money to pursue their education, from funding individual students' projects to student group travel. Hifazat Care also provides a convenient way for alumni to give and to raise money for scholarships.
Working with volunteer fundraisers during your campaign? Hifazat Care Volunteer Management System ensures that they'll have the information they need on their roles and on the donors they're reaching out to.
Education is a birth right for every child so we are proving it by providing funds to the children and their families who were unable afford money for education. We are helping them by providing this fundamental right. Our experts are working with the aim to empower non-profits and individuals through education crowdfunding.

Why Education Crowdfund On Hifazat Care?

A single platform to manage all of your fundraising activities and ensure a thriving institution for students and faculty. have been developed with the rapid evolution of today's world in mind. We help digitally transform your fundraising process to make it easier and more efficient. Our flexible and scalable solutions allow you to:

Invest in your infrastructure, materials and research to attract the best teachers and students.

Strengthen the ties and collaboration of alumni, and develop community participation.

Fund grants and scholarships to guarantee equal opportunities and diversity in your institution.

Obtain recurring donations to cover administrative costs.

With Hifazatcare, you will be able to mobilize your network to finance and implement these projects through an intuitive platform. We have the experience and proven skill to help you not only respond to a constantly changing world, but succeed in it.

How Crowdfunding Works on Hifazat Care

Step 1: Create your fund raiser instantly
Step 2: Share your fundraiser online
Step 3: Start Receiving Donations From Around The World
Step 4: Transfer funds to hospital directly

Education Is Key To Success, Start Education Crowdfunding

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A Complete Range Of Solutions To Help You Attract Supporters And Raise Even More Funds.

Hifazat Care offers flexible and scalable solutions to help you build a lasting and strong relationship with your donors. Whether your institution is seeking to mobilize its alumni community through a P2P campaign, fund a scholarship program, or gather its supporters for an infrastructure remodeling project through crowdfunding, our tools make the process is easier and more efficient for you to achieve your goal.

Why Crowdfund with us?

  • Anyone including students & parents can start fundraising within 5-7 minutes.
  • Instant Approval within 5 mins on your Fundraiser with minimal documentation.
  • Receive donations from all around the world without stress of repayment.
  • Highly Mobile Responsive.
  • 24*7 end-to-end Fundraising.
  • Support through various user friendly medium including Email & WhatsApp.

Hifazat Care Has The Everything You Want

International Leader

Hifazat Care is depended on around the sector for its easy, reliable fundraising platform.

Easy Setup

You may personalise and share your fund in only some minutes.

No Aim Penalties

Other web sites refund money raised if it doesn't meet the aim. It's no longer on Hifazat Care.

Campaign Control

The Hifazat Care makes it easy to launch and control your campaign on the cross.

Social Attain

Harness the electricity of social media to unfold your tale and get greater support.

24/7 Professional Advice

Our pleasant-in-magnificence customer support dealers will solution your questions, day or night.