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Shawn Laib
Shawn Laib

Shawn Laib is a freelance writer with publications such as Den of Geek,, Edge Media Network, diaTribe, SUPERJUMP, and more. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2019. He enjoys playing basketball and video games in his free time.

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The cast of Lord of the Rings

We ranked the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies from worst to best

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are beloved by many, and we will rank them from worst to best.
best mafia movies ranked wallpaper

The 10 best mafia movies, ranked

We're counting down the 10 best mafia movies ever made, from modern classics to Old Hollywood icons.
Hulu wallpaper

New on Hulu: 5 must-see shows and movies in July

With summer upon us, Hulu has some great new content in July.
Netflix logo on tv with red back lighting

New on Netflix: 5 must-see shows and movies in July

Netflix has all kinds of great new releases for every taste in July.
movies like indiana jones the mummy

10 great movies like Indiana Jones for you to stream next

Indiana Jones is the OG, but these films are equally exciting in the adventure genre.

13 amazing shows you need to watch on Max

The channel that has maintained a premium status since its conception, Max is now a major streaming platform for all to enjoy.
dune 2 trailer release wallpaper

Dune 2 trailer drops, and we finally get to see Christopher Walken as emperor Shaddam IV

Dune 2 trailer drops, and we finally get to see Christopher Walken as emperor Shaddam IV

The sequel to a modern science fiction classic is almost here!
28 Days Later

The best zombie movies, ranked

Whether it be for the thrills or the chills, sometimes throwing on a good horror/thriller movie can be the feeling you need after a long day.
best shark movies image 2

The 10 best shark movies, ranked

Shark movies are a staple of the summer. We have the best ones to watch right now.
best robin williams movies headshot

The 10 best Robin Williams movies, ranked

Robin Williams' legacy as an actor and comic lives on nearly a decade after his death.
best harrison ford movies in tux

10 best Harrison Ford movies, ranked

Harrison Ford's career is long and illustrious with a variety of classic movies to watch.
Actor Sylvester Stallone on the Expendables panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Ranked: The best Sylvester Stallone movies of all time

Sylvester Stallone movies consistently fulfill a primal desire for action and retribution. Here, The Manual brings you the best of Sly Stallone.
best lgbtq movies love simon wallpaper

10 incredible LGBTQ movies you need to stream right now

LGBTQ movies have influenced generations of gay children to come out to their families. Here are some of the best of the genre.
Batman lifting The Joker by the collar.

Every Batman movie, ranked from worst to best

Batman movies have a long and varied history, from Christian Bale flicks to Michael Keaton films. Here's each one ranked.
Game of Thrones Throne of Joy Quest HBO

10 best HBO shows ever, ranked

HBO is the king of quality TV. We're here to rank the 10 best shows in the network's history.
Harrison Ford/Han Solo image

Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo: Which iconic Harrison Ford character is the bigger badass?

We pit Harrison Ford's two most famous characters against each other. See who comes out in the end.
Jack Black

Ranking the 10 best Jack Black movies

Jack Black is a comedic icon, and he has a ton of great movies to back it up! Here are his 10 best movies.
Rainbow flag on house

10 LGBTQ+ shows you need to binge for Pride Month

Pride month is a great time to watch these shows with queer characters and storylines.
Dustin Hoffman

Ranking the 10 best Dustin Hoffman movies of all time

Dustin Hoffman's name is revered as much as any other in Hollywood. These 10 movies will show you why he's a legend.
best samuel l jackson movies

Ranking the 10 Best Samuel L. Jackson Movies

Ranking the 10 Best Samuel L. Jackson Movies

Samuel L Jackson is one of the most well-established actors of all time. Here's the best from his filmography.
Avengers Endgame Best Movies

The 10 best Marvel movies, ranked

Everyone has their own favorite Marvel movie. Did yours make the cut?
daniel craig james bond 007

Our favorite spy movies, ranked

Our favorite spy movies, ranked

Whether you like Sean Connery or Melissa McCarthy, these spy movies will satisfy
A person on their couch watching TV with popcorn

What to watch: The most popular streaming genres around the world

You might be shocked to find out the different genres most popular around the globe.
best sean connery movies ranked seanconnery1

The 11 best Sean Connery movies of all time

A multi-talented icon, Sean Connery will go down in history as that and so much more.

Every Spider-Man movie, ranked

Spiderman has undergone a lot of different versions of himself, and these are his best films
Stranger Things

The 12 best sci-fi shows to stream on Netflix right now

If you want to escape from the boring reality we call life, these best sci-fi shows on Netflix this year will guarantee an out-of-this-world viewing experience.
Woody Harrelson

The 10 best Woody Harrelson movies and shows, ranked

Woody Harrelson has had a versatile career, and we're here to rank his best movies and shows.

The best movies on Hulu to watch right now

From an award-winning thriller film to a new-era sci-fi rom-com, here is an updated list of the best Hulu movies you can stream right now.

The 10 coolest sci-fi weapons in TV and movie history, ranked

Sci-fi weapons like these are sure to bring viewers to an entirely different universe and state of mind!
how the writers strike saved breaking bad wp

How the 2007 writers’ strike saved ‘Breaking Bad’

Key decisions made by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan were influenced by the 2007 writers strike
most anticipated movies of summer 2023 indiana jones

Grab the popcorn: These are the 10 most-anticipated movies of summer 2023

From heroes to adventurers, these summer movies are sure to surprise and entertain!

The 10 best action movies on Netflix

Fight scenes, chase scenes, race scenes — all the hallmarks of a cinematic adrenaline rush. Here are the best action movies you can watch on Netflix this year.
Sonny Boy

The 17 best anime series on Hulu right now

There's plenty of good anime on Hulu if you know where to look. Here are 17 of the best anime series to stream right now.
Sean Bean with a book

The 11 best Sean Bean performances, ranked

Sean Bean has been a part of the acting world for decades now, making a name for himself as a side character that goes out with a bang.
The World's End (2013) movie poster of main cast drinking beer at a bar

12 best beer movies to watch with a cold one in hand

Whether it's a documentary about brewing or a tale of transporting beer across state lines, this best beer movies list has something for everyone.
Steven Spielberg in the mouth of Jaws

The 10 best Steven Spielberg movies, ranked

Responsible for some timeless classics using movie and music magic, Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors of all time.
must see hulu shows and movies wallpaper

4 Hulu shows and movies that are set to premiere this month

Looking for something new to watch? Of course you are! These are the absolute best tv shows and movies on Hulu right now.
wes anderson star wars ai trailer wallpaper

The Galactic Menagerie is a Wes Anderson Star Wars concept we wish Disney would make

AI has allowed fans to imagine Star Wars through the eyes of Wes Anderson's filmmaking techniques
must see netflix shows and movies wallpaper

4 shows and movies coming to Netflix this month (that everyone will be talking about)

Looking for something new to watch? Of course you are! These are the absolute best tv shows and movies on Netflix right now.
best succession episodes season3x8

Watch these dark comedy shows for a twisted laugh

Sometimes taboo topics that people want to avoid can be approached with a few laughs. Dark comedy upends expectations, and these are the 10 best examples.
best dreamworks movies ranked shrek

The 10 best DreamWorks movies, ranked

The best Dreamworks movies feature great stories and legendary voice actors. We've ranked the best of them here.
Ben Stiller

The 10 best Ben Stiller movies, ranked

From Meet the Parents to Madagascar, these films show Ben Stiller at his best.
best tv cop shows b99 wallpaper

The best cop shows you can stream, ranked

These cop shows often give a full display of the trials and tribulations of the profession.
best beards on tv obi wan beard

The best beard styles for men, according to iconic TV characters

Join us as we examine the different styles of beards and facial hair sported by TV characters and decipher what they say about each character.
Image from The Mandalorian

10 shows like The Mandalorian to watch now

The Mandalorian is one of the biggest streaming hits today, but there are other sci-fi TV shows you'll enjoy if you are a fan of Pedro Pascal's space warrior.
Sean Evans and Shaq in Hot Ones Interview 2021

The best Hot Ones episodes: These celebs are our favorites to watch

Hot Ones is hilarious because of its simplicity and humility. Here are the best episodes to watch.
Man and woman watching Netflix

Is binge-watching a dying TV model? Experts weigh in

The decision to have your TV show stream weekly or all at once is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now. Find out what the experts have to say.
jeremy strong movies and tv shows

The 10 best Jeremy Strong performances, ranked

Jeremy Strong is one of the best working actors today. We've compiled a list of our favorite performances from him across film and television.
Earth as seen from outer space

The 5 best sci-fi movies to stream on HBO Max right now

HBO Max has a ton of great content, including a bunch of incredible sci-fi movies. Here are our five favorites.
wes anderson asteroid city trailer

Wes Anderson’s star-studded ‘Asteroid City’ trailer is exactly what you want it to be

Wes Anderson is one of the best directors working today, and his new film "Asteroid City" helps prove this sentiment.