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Culture is the best phrase to describe the experiences, art, and knowledge that affect our daily lives, including design and architecture; our favorite media to consume, like books, podcasts, music, and TV; and general life skills. This is where you’ll find the most guides, from how to smoke a cigar to tips for your first tattoo.

Enrique Arrizon as Máximo Gallardo in 'Acapulco' from Apple TV+.

These are the best shows on Apple TV+ to binge tonight

Apple TV+ may not be the most essential streaming service, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have great shows to watch.
The cast of Lord of the Rings

We ranked the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies from worst to best

Hughie, Butcher, and Mother's Milk look down into a mysterious car trunk in "The Boys"

The best shows on Amazon Prime to binge this week

Field of Dreams Kevin Costner Ray Liotta

The best movies to watch on Peacock right now

best shows on hulu arresteddevelopment

These are the best shows you can watch on Hulu right now

best mafia movies ranked wallpaper

The 10 best mafia movies, ranked

The best movies on Disney+ to binge right now

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

The best movies on Paramount Plus: What you should stream next

Hulu wallpaper

New on Hulu: 5 must-see shows and movies in July

Baseball stadium at night

How to watch MLB and MLS games free all season long

Netflix logo on tv with red back lighting

New on Netflix: 5 must-see shows and movies in July

movies like indiana jones the mummy

10 great movies like Indiana Jones for you to stream next


13 amazing shows you need to watch on Max

The channel that has maintained a premium status since its conception, Max is now a major streaming platform for all to enjoy.
dune 2 trailer release wallpaper

Dune 2 trailer drops, and we finally get to see Christopher Walken as emperor Shaddam IV

Dune 2 trailer drops, and we finally get to see Christopher Walken as emperor Shaddam IV

The sequel to a modern science fiction classic is almost here!
"The Bachelor" host Jesse Palmer at home with his spouse Emely and a bottle of TINCUP whiskey.

Find your partner in adventure: TINCUP and Jesse Palmer want you to rethink date night

Here's more on Jesse Palmer's and TINCUP's new campaign to encourage more people to get out, make new friends, and perhaps even forge new romantic connections.

The best Val Kilmer movies of all time

Choosing the best examples from Val Kilmer's vast filmography is difficult, but we've narrowed down our picks to our 9 favorites that you can stream right now.
Layla Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress Sales: Save on Tempur-Pedic, Nectar, and more

Best Mattress Sales: Save on Tempur-Pedic, Nectar, and more

Finding the best mattress sales can be exhausting. We've already taken care of the hard part for you, and can offer some insight to help you pick the right one.
onn 85 uhd led roku smart tv deal walmart june 2023 50 inch qled 4k

Big TVs aren’t always expensive: This 75-inch is under $500 today

Big TVs aren’t always expensive: This 75-inch is under $500 today

Who says big TVs are always expensive? This Walmart Smart Roku TV or Onn 75-inch deal gets you a smart TV at an incredible discount. Check it out.
Scene from Last Action Hero

The 11 best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, ranked

Action hero, bodybuilder, businessman, and governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a true testament to the American dream. Here are his best movies of all time.
ufc 257 poirier vs mcgregor 2 ppv bundle deal conor v donald cerrone

UFC Live Stream: Watch UFC Fights Online From Anywhere

UFC Live Stream: Watch UFC Fights Online From Anywhere

Looking for the best way to live stream UFC fights online in 2023? We've got everything you need to know right here.
Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

The best Mark Wahlberg movies of all time

These Mark Wahlberg movies prove that Wahlberg is one of the great movie stars of the past 20 years.
Bojack Horseman and Princess Caroline

The best shows on Netflix to stream right now

You don't need to waste time browsing for the perfect title — we've found the very best shows on Netflix to binge this month.
Netflix logo on tv with red back lighting

The best Netflix movies to stream right now

From Netflix originals to acclaimed older films, we've got you covered with an up to date list of the best movies to watch on Netflix this month.
28 Days Later

The best zombie movies, ranked

Whether it be for the thrills or the chills, sometimes throwing on a good horror/thriller movie can be the feeling you need after a long day.
A mushroom in the wild.

How to stop a bad psilocybin trip

The much maligned "bad trip" might seem scary, but it turns out that not only is it manageable, but it might actually be good.
best shark movies image 2

The 10 best shark movies, ranked

Shark movies are a staple of the summer. We have the best ones to watch right now.
hisense 58 inch r6 4k smart tv deal walmart june 2023

Perfect for watching sports, this 58-inch 4K TV is on sale for $268

Perfect for watching sports, this 58-inch 4K TV is on sale for $268

Hide from the afternoon summer heat with an upgrade to your home theater and save $70 along the way with this 58-inch Hisense R6 4K TV.
best robin williams movies headshot

The 10 best Robin Williams movies, ranked

Robin Williams' legacy as an actor and comic lives on nearly a decade after his death.
how to watch cartoons online sling tv logo tm

Sling TV packages: Here’s how much the service costs

The various packages available on Sling TV are a great way to ease yourself off of cable.
A man sleeping peacefully in his bed getting a good night's sleep.

Here’s how to hack your sleep for your best night’s rest

It's not too surprising that so many of us have trouble sleeping these days. Here's our checklist on how to score a better night's sleep.
best travel shows to watch ruins

The 11 best travel shows to stream right now

Travel shows give you a great way to enter another culture without leaving your own couch. Here are the best 11 to stream.
best harrison ford movies in tux

10 best Harrison Ford movies, ranked

Harrison Ford's career is long and illustrious with a variety of classic movies to watch.
An aerial view of the coast of Miami beach.

8 Miami travel mistakes you should avoid

There are a few things we all do wrong when it comes to making our way down to Miami. With the help of a few veteran experts, know what rookie mistakes to skip.
Netflix wallpaper

Netflix is reportedly making a move that sports fans will love

Netflix is thinking about branching into live sports, just as many other streamers have done.
Dublin Roasters Coffee

9 amazing LGBTQ+ businesses to support this Pride season (and beyond)

This Pride, ditch the mega stores and invest in these fabulous LGBTQ+ owned businesses!
Family watching TV together

23 of the best Father’s Day gifts for all types of dads

Whether your dad is a fitness lover, an audiophile, an outdoorsman, or something in between, we've got a Father's Day gift idea for him.
Man relaxing and meditating

8 mindful mental health apps to help you reduce stress and cope

These apps are some great options that aggregate chats, resources, and other assets to help you realize optimal mental balance and tranquility.
Scene from The Princess Bride

The 11 best romantic comedies of all time

In every film, there’s almost always an underlying theme of romance and comedy. The films on this list are heavily themed in those departments.
Ripe by Sarah Rose Etter.

Books to read this summer: ‘Ripe’ by Sarah Rose Etter offers a frighteningly familiar dystopia

Our review of Sarah Rose Etter's "Ripe," a grim look at life in the shadow of Silicon Valley, and one of the most anticipated new book releases of the summer.
The Shining movie still

Movie vs. book: Which is better? 6 adaptations taken to task

Sometimes you’re better off skipping hundreds of pages and just sticking with what’s on screen.
how to smoke a cigar

How to smoke a cigar: Our ultimate guide

Do you want to learn how to smoke a cigar without looking like a newb? In this guide, we'll teach you how to puff like a seasoned pro.
Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Yang in 'Everything Everywhere All at Once.'

The 10 best movies on Showtime to watch right now

Showtime has plenty of great movies from acclaimed directors to explore, including some that were recently in the awards conversation.
Actor Sylvester Stallone on the Expendables panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Ranked: The best Sylvester Stallone movies of all time

Sylvester Stallone movies consistently fulfill a primal desire for action and retribution. Here, The Manual brings you the best of Sly Stallone.
Someone going over their financials.

Why you should start pouring more into your 401k and IRA

We'll break down how people feel about retirement planning — and why you need to get started on yours if you ever want to stop working.
best lgbtq movies love simon wallpaper

10 incredible LGBTQ movies you need to stream right now

LGBTQ movies have influenced generations of gay children to come out to their families. Here are some of the best of the genre.
cigar strength guide lighting a mark de jong unsplash

Mild, medium, or bold: Our cigar strength chart helps you choose to perfect smoke

Mild, medium, or bold: Our cigar strength chart helps you choose to perfect smoke

We enlisted the help of Senior Tobacconist Chris Gwaltney of The Humidor to learn everything we need to know about mild, medium, and bold cigars.
Batman lifting The Joker by the collar.

Every Batman movie, ranked from worst to best

Batman movies have a long and varied history, from Christian Bale flicks to Michael Keaton films. Here's each one ranked.
cigar smoke

How to get rid of cigar smell, breath, and smoke for good

How to get rid of cigar smell, breath, and smoke for good

If you love puffing away on a fine cigar but you (or your partner) hate the way it makes your breath, clothes, and house smell, we've got you covered.
Game of Thrones Throne of Joy Quest HBO

10 best HBO shows ever, ranked

HBO is the king of quality TV. We're here to rank the 10 best shows in the network's history.
Harrison Ford/Han Solo image

Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo: Which iconic Harrison Ford character is the bigger badass?

We pit Harrison Ford's two most famous characters against each other. See who comes out in the end.