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A fitness routine is an essential part of every modern man’s life. It doesn’t matter if you get your exercise in at the gym, with a light at-home workout, by playing sports, or exploring the great outdoors, it will keep your body tuned up like a well-running machine. For some fitness inspiration, take a look at our guides and gear recommendations.

a man in a wheelchair performing a biceps curl

Gym etiquette: The unwritten rules everyone should follow

Gym etiquette revolves around the principle of being considerate of others. It's about creating a space to support everyone in their fitness journey.
Fresh honey

Is honey a superfood? Here are 10 reasons we think so

man drinking pre-workout supplement.

The most effective pre-workout routine is so easy it’s ridiculous

Bottle of olive oil

12 delicious foods high in vitamin E for skin, hair, and heart health

These beach body workout tips from a pro will help you get in shirtless shape fast

a man doing a tricep bench dip

7 killer tricep workouts to supercharge your strength training

An assortment of citrus fruits and nuts.

12 tips for healthy habits from TB12 body coach Bryan Hart

Granola and fruit.

11 delicious high-carb foods that are actually healthy for you

Man and woman doing yoga.

6 active recovery workouts that prevent injuries, according to a pro trainer

a man doing a bicep curl

7 biceps workouts to tone and strengthen your arms in a flash

Man riding a bike trainer

Learn the best stationary bike workouts for every fitness level (from beginner to advanced)

Workout app on a phone with running shoes

Get help getting fit: The 15 best workout apps for men

Broccol on a chopping board

The chromium benefits you should know about (and the best food sources for you)

Chromium isn't a nutrient most people pay attention to, so be sure to have these foods on your shopping list to reap the benefits!
a sliced loaf of bread on the counter

Everything you need to know about the low FODMAP Diet

A low FODMAP diet has made headlines recently. What is a low FODMAP diet, and should you give the plan a try? Here's what to know.
A made bed showing off the Avocado mattress logo.

Avocado Green Mattress review: Is this eco-friendly mattress worth it?

With a heavy emphasis placed on mental health, the Avocado Green Mattress offers a way to improve one's sleep while staying environmentally friendly.
Healthy foods

High protein diets: Everything you need to know

There are many benefits to a high protein diet, including weight loss, muscle recovery, and satiation. Learn what foods to start incorporating!
Man using elliptical.

The gym equipment and exercises it’s totally fine to skip (and what to do instead)

Not sure what is a waste of time in the gym? Check out our guide to six exercises and pieces of equipment you may want to avoid and what to replace them with.
a man walking down the street listening to music

Your sedentary lifestyle is doing so much damage — here’s what to know and how to get moving

If your day job has you stuck behind a desk, there's no need to quit to move more. A few simple tricks can help you add more movement to your day.
Nashville trainer and podcaster Nick Carrier working out

The 10 best 20-minute at-home workouts for every fitness goal

Nashville trainer and podcaster Nick Carrier breaks down his best 20-minute at-home workouts to achieve all fitness goals.
Sweet potato wedges.

9 best food sources for getting beta-carotene in your diet

Learn about nine of the best foods to include in your diet to ensure you're getting enough beta-carotene on a daily basis!
nike vaporfly 2 running shoes deal june 2023

Some of the best running shoes you can buy are heavily discounted today

Some of the best running shoes you can buy are heavily discounted today

Nike is currently selling its best running shoes yet for $100 off. Anyone keen to beat their records is going to want a pair of these.
Cyclist balancing on a bike in a barren landscape.

Back in the saddle: Get ready to ride with the best cycling shorts for men

Cycling shorts support and protect against chafing to make your ride more comfortable so you can venture out farther and faster than ever before.
A close-up of fresh beets on wooden table.

These are the benefits of beets (the ultimate natural pre-workout boost)

From lowering blood pressure to fighting inflammation, beets offer many health benefits, like allowing you to supplement your workouts naturally.
Man using muscle rub cream

The 7 best creams, CBD oils, and gels to relieve pain

For nagging aches, pain relief creams can make pain more manageable. Here are our favorite muscle gels and creams in 2023.
An Apple Watch SE being worn on someone's wrist with the apps displayed on its screen.

Track your workouts: This deal gets you an Apple Watch for just $149

Track your workouts: This deal gets you an Apple Watch for just $149

With an Apple Watch SE — now on sale at Walmart for just $149 — you can forget about tracking your workout. Check out the Apple Watch SE for $149 on sale here.
Eggs on salad.

Improve your hair: 14 delicious biotin-rich foods to add to your diet right now

Here are some of the best biotin-containing foods that can support hair growth, healthy skin, and energy metabolism.
Mushrooms on a table.

Stay hydrated this summer: 5 foods with a surprisingly high water content

Looking to increase your water intake? These five foods can actually help give you a hydration boost for many benefits.
Man tying his shoes.

Is running bad for your knees? Here’s what science says

Can running actually cause knee pain? Read what numerous experts have to say on the topic, and learn ways to minimize knee pain during exercise.
Man doing squats at home.

11 benefits of squats that will improve your overall fitness

Squats are the best exercises for the lower body. Find out the benefits of squats right here and how to perform squats anytime, anywhere.
Man doing pushups

12 of Hunter McIntyre’s most recommended HIIT workouts

Pro athlete Hunter McIntyre shares his favorite HIIT workouts to burn fat, build muscle, and help you stay focused on your #fitnessgoals in 2023.
Man relaxing and meditating

8 mindful mental health apps to help you reduce stress and cope

These apps are some great options that aggregate chats, resources, and other assets to help you realize optimal mental balance and tranquility.
Man with a chiseled jawline.

The 11 best facial exercises for that Brad Pitt jawline

Are you trying to get that chiseled, Brad Pitt jawline? Here are the best face exercises to get a diamond-cut jawline.
Trail runner jogging through mountains.

Aum Gandhi reveals the secret health benefits of trail running

We had the privilege of interviewing Aum Gandhi, a trail runner who preaches the profound connection between outdoor activities and mental well-being.
Keiser exercise bike workout.

Stationary bike benefits: Cardiovascular, weight loss, and more

Do you like spinning or indoor cycling? Check out some of the numerous stationary bike benefits each workout can offer.
Man tying his shoes.

How to prevent shin splints: 5 simple tips for a better workout

Do you suffer from shin splints? Switch up your routine with these tips to help!
A runner on a dusty track with scrubland and rocky outcrops in the background.

Garmin’s new watch features for runners and cyclists rival Apple’s smartwatch updates

Garmin has a longstanding history at the top of the active watch industry, and these new features make it even more cycling and running-friendly than before.
Sprout and salad dish served

What all the major vitamins do: A complete guide

Looking to improve your health through nutrition? Be sure to include all these vitamins in your diet!
Man with headache

How to actually cure a hangover, according to doctors

We spoke with Dr. Mahmud Kara, M.D., and Dr. Nicholas, medical editor at Centenary Edge, who gave us their professional opinions on the subject of hangovers.
Man hiking on Highlander adventure

Why more millennials are turning to hiking for exercise

If you've started hiking for exercise, you're not alone. Here's why millennials love it.
Wood board with Mediterranean foods

Study reveals another great reason to follow the Mediterranean diet (that has nothing to do with your health)

In a recent study the Mediterranean Diet was found to be not only the healthiest, but also the most frugal option for anyone looking to eat healthy.
Runner wearing compression socks during a race.

These are the benefits of compression socks for runners that you need to know

Considering compression socks for running? Here's why runners wear compression socks and their benefits.
Man swimming in the ocean

5 amazing health benefits of swimming in the ocean

One should not overlook the incredible benefits of ocean swimming because it offers a unique experience that goes beyond the typical exercise routine.
Salomon running shoe on the ground

Salomon everyday running shoes: How do they stack up to the blue blood competition?

Salomon shoes offer lightweight construction. How do they stack up against oft-recommended New Balance shoes? Ready, set, review.
Apple watchOS 10 zones

WatchOS 10 will make the Apple Watch a true cycling smartwatch

Check out Apple's watchOS 10 updates set to be released this fall, including Bluetooth compatibility with cycling sensors, FTP, and phone workouts.
Strong quad muscles.

The 23 best quad exercises for tree trunk-sized quads

Strengthening your quads will help boost your power, strength, and speed and help you fill out your jeans properly.
Bodybuilder doing shoulder press

The 8 best shoulder exercises for building boulder 3D shoulders

Build bulletproof shoulders that are strong, healthy, and make fitting into shirts a challenge by doing these 8 best shoulder exercises.
Man drinking a protein shake before exercising.

After eating a meal, be sure to wait to workout: This is how long you should wait to exercise

Exercising immediately after eating can cause cramps and indigestion. Learn how long to wait to work out after eating.
Xyon topical gel held by a doctor during product demo.

How XYON’s hair loss solutions combat common side effects and psychological pain

How XYON’s hair loss solutions combat common side effects and psychological pain

Xyon's hair loss products provide an excellent, reliable path towards hair regrowth, but thanks to proprietary technology they also reduce common side effects.
Man doing yoga.

Yoga misconceptions debunked: Everything people get wrong about this exercise

Yoga misconceptions debunked: Everything people get wrong about this exercise

If you have a list of reasons why you can't start doing yoga, read on to learn how it could actually be a great addition to your routine!
Man in the gym working out his triceps

4 cable exercises for developed triceps

Learn how you can safely and effective build your triceps in the gym with only a cable machine.