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Travel is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life, but it can also be a source of frustration. We’ll cover it all: where to go, how to get there, what to do, and, most importantly, how to stay sane and safe during the trip. It’s not just about dream destinations, it’s about making those dreams a reality.

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Visiting the Grand Canyon? Your complete guide for a Northern Arizona road trip

The Grand Canyon may be one of America's most famous national parks, but there's so much more to see and do in Northern Arizona.
A scene from The Vines Global's May 2023 trip to the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

The ultimate wine club? Here’s what you should know about The Vines Global

VW van

From efficient to exotic, these are the best road trip cars for exploring the country

A ski resort in the summer with a lake and resort buildings.

5 great reasons why you should go to your favorite ski resort this summer

AirFly device, headphones, passport, airpods, and plane ticket spread out on red table.

This must-have travel accessory is nearly weightless and costs less than $55

A person hitting a shot on the golf course.

Tee up at the best golf resorts in the country

Buddhist Temple in Hawaii.

This U.S. attraction is TripAdvisor’s top travel experience in the world

united airlines app changes phone

Does air travel stress you out? You’ll love these changes to the United Airlines app

Man standing triumphantly atop a peak in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest.

The best U.S. destinations to visit this July

best national parks rv camping yellowstone 2

Here’s everything you need to pack for a trip to Yellowstone National Park

A busy airport with people getting in line at check in.

The U.S. airports with the shortest (and longest) security wait times

A person on a plane on their laptop and phone.

What to bring on a plane: Experts reveal what should always be in your carry-on

wes anderson asteroid city inspired airbnbs processed with vsco c1 preset

These unusual Airbnbs are straight out of a Wes Anderson movie

The more unique Airbnb gets, the more we want to stay there, and that concept is being cashed in right now thanks to Wes Anderson's latest film.
A Qantas flight crew walking through the airport.

Not sure how to get over jet lag? A new report reveals Qantas has cracked the code

If you'd like to do more sightseeing and less napping, Qantas airline found ways for you to fight the effects of jet lag if you have a long flight ahead of you.
Wolves looking through the bedroom window at Canada's Parc Omega Wolf Cabin.

Sleep among a pack of wolves at Canada’s luxe-adventure Parc Omega Wolf Cabins

If you crave more than a "traditional" wilderness glamping experience, this one-of-a-kind lodge lets you sleep among the world’s greatest predators.
Listening to music in an airport with the Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones.

Perfect for traveling, Sony’s best wireless headphones are $50 off

Perfect for traveling, Sony’s best wireless headphones are $50 off

Land a great deal on some great headphones for traveling with this $50 discount on the Sony SH-1000XM5 wireless headphones.
Lumahai Beach

Summer is here — head to one of the 14 most underrated beaches in the U.S.

Some of the best beaches in the world are right here in the U.S. Summer's just kicking off, so let's dive into the most underrated sandy spots.
Aerial view of two men snorkeling in clear, shallow tropical water.

Grab your mask and fins, and head to the best snorkeling spots in the U.S.

The U.S. offers many breathtaking snorkeling spots with glimpses of underwater volcanic craters, tropical fish, sea turtles, whales, eels, and more.
best travel shows to watch ruins

The 11 best travel shows to stream right now

Travel shows give you a great way to enter another culture without leaving your own couch. Here are the best 11 to stream.
Relaxing in the back of a car on a mattress

Here’s how to live in your car comfortably for a few weeks (or longer) like a pro

Here’s everything you’ll need to stay safe, sane, and happy when you choose to live out of your car for a little while if you ever want or need to.
A hotel room bed with room service tray at the foot.

Report: These are the weirdest room service requests hotels get

Do you go for the usual hamburger for your hotel room service order? Then this list of strange requests will have you tilting your head in confusion.
An American Airlines airplane in an airport.

Travelers are going to hate American Airlines’ newest policy change

One specific downer when flying is that darn baggage fee. You might be more upset because the American Airlines baggage policy changed, and not for the better.
best glamping destinations tent with wine

There’s a new list of the best glamping destinations (and the winner is as weird as it is cool)

With the growing interest in glamping, it's clear that more travelers are seeking the perfect blend of outdoor exploration and upscale comfort.
Traveler pulling a rollaboard suitcase outside an airport, sun shining directly into the camera.

These are the travel memberships and subscriptions that are worth the money

Some subscription services make sense — and cents — for travelers. These are the best travel memberships and subscriptions that are worth the money in 2023.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband in Los Angeles.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveals his top vacation spots (and what he never travels without)

We interviewed Jesse Tyler Ferguson on his favorite places to travel, how he makes the most of a vacation, and what he's always sure to pack in this interview!
Museum of Anthropology.

A guide to Chapultepec: Mexico City’s massive urban park

Mexico City's Chapultepec Park is enormous. We've made your visit easy by providing this handy guide to some of its key experiences.
Long shot of the rear of an Airstream travel trailer being towed down a wide-open desert road.

RV shopping 101: A simple, yet complete guide for first-time RV, camper, and travel trailer buyers

If you’re ready to take the plunge into trailer travel, we’re here to make the process a bit less confusing with a beginner’s guide to RV trailers.
The inside of a busy airport.

Hate the airport security line? Make a reservation instead

If waiting in airport security lines feels like the absolute last way you want to spend hours in your day, you may be in luck.  
A view of a crowded airport with people sitting in the seats.

New government data reveals getting a cheap flight is as easy as picking the right airport

A bit of fun government data was released on how to find a cheap flight, so everyone can afford to see more destinations. Let's see what it says.
Si'u Point Trail, Ta'u Island, National Park of American Samoa.

Good news for JetBlue loyalists — the airline is adding a bunch of new routes to the Caribbean

JetBlue just announced plans to continue its expansion of flights—both in and outside of the U.S.—and some of those destinations happens to be to the Caribbean.
Ghost ranch New Mexico

New Mexico road trip itinerary: These 3 incredible routes feature highlights and hidden gems

The ultimate New Mexico road trip consists of delicious food, vintage Americana, stunning backdrops, hiking, and relaxation.
El Autentico Pato Manila Torta.

The best restaurants in Mexico City – on and off the beaten path

Looking for what to eat for your Mexico City visit? Here are a few places that are distinctly memorable.
Kvarøy Arctic Farm in Norway under the northern lights.

The northern lights: Why this should be your next destination vacation

The northern lights will be fantastic in the coming year. Scientists are saying that by 2025, we'll reach the solar maximum, the peak of the solar cycle.
The Trojan Horse.

5 off-the-beaten-path historic sites you should visit

If you're looking for outstanding historical sites minus the tourist crowds, we've got you covered.
Passengers waiting at the airport, killing time o their phones.

These airports make travelers angriest (and we know why)

A Twitter analysis has revealed the airports that people complain about the most.
A group of flamingos roam the beach on Renaissance Island in Aruba.

Dreaming of Caribbean vacations? These are the islands least likely to be affected by hurricane season

Which destinations make for the best Caribbean vacations? Here are the best islands to escape hurricane season.
A crowded beach in the summer.

The top 10 most popular beach vacation spots this summer, according to JetBlue

The top 10 most popular beach vacation spots this summer, according to JetBlue

The time to book is now, and with the average length of stay coming in at 6.5 nights, your time to sit on the beach and relax could be right around the corner. 
A surfer rides a wave at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, California.

Check into these 10 fun places to celebrate Father’s Day

Check into these 10 fun places to celebrate Father’s Day

Here are some fun places to travel with dad for Father's Day that he'll appreciate. Go above and beyond this year by gifting an unforgettable trip.
A view of the Indiana National Dunes Park.

A guide to Indiana Dunes National Park: Where to visit, what to do, and more

The Midwest has its gems, and the Indiana Dunes National Park is definitely one of them. If you haven't made a visit yet, we have the guide to get you there.
Poolside long shot on sunny day

Study: Americans still don’t take enough vacation

Study: Americans still don’t take enough vacation

No vacation? That's a problem. A new survey by Expedia shows that vacation deprivation is the highest its been in a decade.
Man walking with a rolling luggage in the city.

Spinner vs roller luggage and bags: Which is best for your next travel adventure?

Spinner vs roller luggage and bags: Which is best for your next travel adventure?

There are a plethora of luggage styles out there and we’re here to help you decide.
A person hauling their luggage down the hallway at an airport.

There’s a big sale happening on Samsonite, American Tourister luggage today

There’s a big sale happening on Samsonite, American Tourister luggage today

There's a huge sale on Samsonite & American Tourister luggage at Amazon and we've picked out some highlights.
A gorgeous shot of Cancun, Mexico and the water.

The travel mistakes experts say everyone makes when they visit Cancun

The travel mistakes experts say everyone makes when they visit Cancun

Travel experts put together the mistakes we make when we aim our sights on a Cancun vacation. See how many you're guilty of and how to avoid making future ones.
A beer pint at the airport.

The very best airport watering holes, from LAX to JFK

Traveling about the country? These are the best airport bars, from LAX to JFK and busy hubs in between.
A person holding a passport down.

Passports are really expensive (but it’s worse in these countries), study reveals

If you think a U.S. passport costs a pretty penny, you might be a bit more thankful for the price compared to a few other countries.
Businessman and business woman looking at laptop in airport lounge

These are the best credit cards with airport lounge access you can get

These are the best credit cards with airport lounge access you can get

Tired of waiting at the gate for your flight? These credit cards will let you access airport lounges around the world.
Man walking through airport with luggage.

Travel experts reveal what you should never wear on a plane

If you aren't sure what to wear on a plane for your next trip, check out these helpful tidbits from various travel experts before you leave for the airport.
Brewer-Clifton vineyard view.

A guide to the many gems of Santa Barbara wine country

Now more than ever is the best time to taste the quality and craftsmanship hard at work in Santa Barbara wine country. Here are some ideas for where to go.
Quark Expeditions Ultramarine cruise

These 7 things are actually worth paying extra for on your cruise vacation

It really depends on what you prioritize on vacations and how that upgrade can make your time on the water and in port the best it can be.
Umbral Hotel in Mexico City.

This gothy hotel in Mexico City is perfect for art lovers

The Umbral is unique among Mexico City hotels. It's gothy, artsy, almost steampunk atmosphere is truly one of a kind.