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Mark Stock
Mark Stock

Mark Stock is a writer from Portland, Oregon. He fell into wine during the Recession and has been fixated on the stuff since. He spent years making, selling, and sipping Pinot Noir in the Dundee Hills before a full return to his journalistic roots in 2016. He's helplessly tied to European soccer, casting for trout, and grunge rock. In addition to The Manual, he writes for SevenFifty Daily, Sip Northwest, The Somm Journal, The Drake, Willamette Week, Travel Oregon, and more. He has a website and occasionally even updates it:

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Man drinking at sunset.

The science of drinking at high altitudes (plus, expert tips for your mid-flight cocktail)

Your friends may think they're feeling those Jell-O shots more at a high-elevation retreat but they're just operating in an area with a bit less oxygen.
Golden wuish duck flambe

You need to try this Peking duck prepared 3 ways

The exquisite flavors of Peking duck are now better than ever at Golden Wuish in NYC. Prepared three ways, Golden Wuish shares their secrets with The Manual.
Air-popped popcorn in a bowl

Got the munchies? Good healthy snacks don’t have to be boring

You don't have to give up tasty snacks just because you're trying to eat healthy. Check out some of our favorite healthier snacks.
The Champagne Safari cocktail from Hot Tin.

How to use Pimm’s for a refreshing cocktail this summer

Pimm's is so often thrown into a Pimm's Cup, a classic drink. But the British liqueur can do way more than that.
A person hitting a shot on the golf course.

Tee up at the best golf resorts in the country

Tee up at the best golf resorts in the country

The only thing better than playing golf is doing it again the next day. Here's where that comes naturally: At the best golf resorts in the land.
Once in a Blue Moon Cocktail

Celebrate Independence Day with one of these tasty 4th of July cocktails

Taste summer and celebrate the holiday with 12 of the best 4th of July cocktails.
how to age fish PABU

How to age fish at home (your new favorite hobby)

You're heard of aging beef and curing pork, but you can also age fish to give it a better texture and flavor. Here's how to age fish at home.
Cherry bbq sauce on chicken.

Chefs reveal their best easy barbecue sauce recipes to up your grilling game

You probably have most of the stuff to follow these three easy barbecue sauce recipes — all created by chefs — in your pantry.
An Old Fashioned cocktail.

Top bartenders reveal the best cocktails to order at the bar

Looking to stretch your dollar at the bar? These are the best cocktails to order, according to top bartenders.
Sunday gravy tomato sauce pasta pot

How to make the best spaghetti sauce, according to Jamie Oliver

Great spaghetti sauce is a joy to eat and simple to prepare, as this delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver reveals.

The great lobster roll battle pits Maine vs. Connecticut: Which is better?

What's better, the Maine or Connecticut lobster roll? We spoke to chefs on a quest to crown the true champion.
A glass of cucumber gin gimlet with cucumber slices on a table and container.

A brief look at the (slightly strange) history of gin

Gin is, depending on who you ask, revered, reviled, or simply misunderstood. Here's a brief overview of how and when gin got started.
how to order a martini bar

How to order a Martini like you know what you’re doing

What's the difference between a dry and wet Martini anyway? You don't have to be James Bond to order this classic cocktail with style. Here's how it's done.
Negra Modelo

This is the drink that replaced Bud Light as the most popular beer in the U.S.

For the first time in about a generation, Bud Light is not the most popular beer in America. That title, for a host of reasons, is now owned by Modelo.
Still life. pour or whiskey in to glass.

12 whiskies perfect for Dad this Father’s Day

This Father's Day, give Dad what he really wants: whiskey. Here are some great options, from bourbon to Scotch.
A carefree young man drinks water from a bottle while going for a hike up a mountain

These are the 9 best alkaline water options to drink this summer

Alkaline water is known for promoting bone health and digestion. Given its benefits to our health, here's a list of the best alkaline water options for summer.
Parmesan rinds cheese

Use your tasty Parmesan rinds — don’t throw them out

This flavor-packed outer cheese shell is a favorite “secret ingredient” of many pro chefs, including Eric Lees, the accomplished chef currently at Busan.
An ice-cold glass of Mango Basil Margarita on black table.

The best mango cocktails to bring the tropics to your glass

Mangos and late spring go hand in hand. Here are a handful of great drinks that celebrate the tropical fruit.
Man choosing a product at a store

The 12 best almond milk brands to check out

Making dietary changes is a leap of faith. Check out our roundup of the best almond milk brands for 2023 to fuel your health and fitness journey.
A clank of two rainbow glasses

6 LGBTQ winemakers you need to know

Long ignored or left without proper access to the industry, queer winemakers are changing the game and making great juice en route.
The Heavenly Sipper, an AI-generated cocktail.

Can AI make a better drink? We asked an expert (and the answer might surprise you)

AI is doing a lot behind the scenes. Now, chatbots are entering the cocktail world, offering recipes and new ways to balance mixed drinks.
A southern Crawfish plate.

Here’s how to crawfish boil the right way

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, mountain lobsters, yabbies, or mudbugs — whatever you call them, they're delicious. Here's how to eat them.
Clinking glasses of white wine

The best wine picks for summer from our favorite sommeliers

Summer means gatherings, dinner parties, and any number of events that could use a good wine. Here are some great sommelier-backed bottles.
Banana liqueur cocktail

The 11 best banana liqueur cocktails for a taste of the tropics

Warning: This post contains a bunch of delicious and unique banana liqueur cocktails. You'll go B-A-N-A-N-A-S for these recipes. (Sorry-not-sorry for the puns.)
A pint of beer and a soccer match.

The best bars for MLS fans: Get a pint at one of these great spots

MLS season is in full swing and game-going fans like a good drink. Here are the best bar options near major soccer stadiums.
Agave stacked up at Flecha Azul

How to pick the absolute best tequila, just by looking at the label

How to pick the absolute best tequila, just by looking at the label

Tequila, like a lot of liquids, can contain additives. Looking at what that really means and the larger movement towards authentic agave spirits.
Friends playing drinking card game

The best drinking card games to beat the summer heat and boredom

Remember King's Cup? There are tons more fun drinking card games out there you can try this summer at your next party.

The 10 best canned sardines to elevate your summer cooking

Here's our list of the best canned sardines can help you elevate the flavors of your recipes this summer.
Chinese food leftovers on a wooden bench.

Elevate your takeout food with the right wine (they’re all under $22, too!)

Elevate your takeout food with the right wine (they’re all under $22, too!)

Takeout food is a godsend. It can also be made markedly better with the right wine, all without breaking the bank.
A beer pint at the airport.

The very best airport watering holes, from LAX to JFK

Traveling about the country? These are the best airport bars, from LAX to JFK and busy hubs in between.
The e-trike from Sixthreezero.

Do you need an electric trike? We tested one out to see

Do you need an electric trike? We tested one out to see

The tricycle is not just a kid's toy, it's a fun means of transportation for grown-ups. Here, we review the newest model from e-bike specialist Sixthreezero.
Brewer-Clifton vineyard view.

A guide to the many gems of Santa Barbara wine country

Now more than ever is the best time to taste the quality and craftsmanship hard at work in Santa Barbara wine country. Here are some ideas for where to go.
A toast with two Sure Sure cocktails

The 19 best frozen drinks for impending heat waves

There's not much more refreshing in this world than the frozen drink, especially as summer hits. Here are 19 to try in 2023.
Chef Vikas Khanna

Learn these amazing spring cooking tricks from a Michelin Star chef

Spring spells a lot of things but we don't always know how or what to cook this time of year. Here, Chef Vikas Kanna offers some sage advice.
Plate of pasta

Why Italian food absolutely deserves to be UNESCO-recognized

UNESCO is on the verge of formally recognizing Italian cuisine. Given the food culture that exists in Italy, we're not entirely surprised.
Crab on display at the store.

Study signals bad news for seafood lovers hoping for fewer canceled crab seasons

Climate change affects us all. Crab have been hit especially hard as of late and this newest research isn't ideal for our oceans and their inhabitants.
Making a cocktail

The 10 best bartending apps to fuel your inner mixologist

With just a quick click and scroll, you can become a bona fide mixologist in no time, thanks to these handy bartending apps for beginners and pros alike.
Los Magos Sotol field image.

Sotol is the super sustainable alternative to tequila that you’re going to love

Following the surge of Mexican spirits coming to the fore, Sotol is ready to have its moment. Given its highly sustainable nature, it may be here to stay.
Cocktails in coupe glasses

These are the 7 best gin mixers to have in your home bar

The joy of gin is you can use a number of different mixers for simple, delicious drinks. Here are the best gin mixers you should have on hand for cocktails.
Green Chartreuse

The Chartreuse shortage is real (and here to stay), but we’ve got some great substitutes

We're getting used to supply chain shortages. Here's how to work around the latest, a low stock of green Chartreuse.

The 14 best Netflix documentaries to stream right now

We've found the best documentaries that you can stream on Netflix right now across a wide array of genres.
A bartender pours a freshly made drink into a glass

22 easy cocktail recipes you can make at home

From an Old Fashioned to a Tom Collins, we've curated a list of easy, classic cocktail drink recipes that you can try making from the comfort of your own home.
fly fishing

A beginner’s guide to fly fishing: Everything you need to know

Fly fishing is a sport that brings a special kind of joy to anybody with a love of the great outdoors. Here's how to get started.
Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin

Here are a dozen great gins worth drinking straight

We've compiled the best gins to drink straight in 2023. These complex botanical spirits can stand on their own.
The scene at Compline Wine Shop in Napa.

The coolest wine shops in America have it all

The coolest wine shops do more than sell wine; they offer an immersive, multi-sensory experience. Here are some of the best in America.
Two cups of hot toddies with cinnamon sticks on a piece of cloth.

End the day right with the 5 best nightcap cocktails

A well-made nightcap cocktail is the preface to a good night's sleep. Here's more on the drinks and be sure to give these best nightcap cocktails a try.
A cup of coffee from Big Island Coffee.

Hawaiian coffee is about more than just great Kona beans

Hawaii is a special, special place. That's true for the coffee it produces too, made expertly and done with sustainability in mind.
A set of Ravencroft Crystal snifters

The main takeaways from the cognac vs. whiskey conversation

Let's breakdown cognac and whiskey, two staple spirits of the drinks culture canon. Here's how the two really differ.
the story behind madeira an interview with brandon plyler 109226540 312598c

Museum finds wines from the 1700s hidden behind Prohibition-era wall

There have been some remarkable wine discoveries over the years. This one involves 18th Century Madeira in New Jersey.
best baking recipes homemade croissants step by halfbakedharvest com 30

5 delicious (and easy) things to do with stale croissants

You don't have to throw old croissants in the freezer or the trash. This is what to make with croissants when they start to go stale.