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BethAnn Mayer
BethAnn Mayer

Beth Ann's work has appeared on and In her spare time, you can find her running (either marathons or after her sons, Peter and Noah, and three furbabies).

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man drinking pre-workout supplement.

The most effective pre-workout routine is so easy it’s ridiculous

There's no shortage of advice on the best pre-workout routine on social media. It often involves powders and supplements. Chances are? You don't need either.
a man doing a tricep bench dip

7 killer tricep workouts to supercharge your strength training

The triceps are the largest muscle in the arm. These tricep workouts can build functional strength and muscle mass, improving your day-to-day life.
a man doing a bicep curl

7 biceps workouts to tone and strengthen your arms in a flash

Working your biceps is about more than aesthetic. It's important for functional strength and mobility. These biceps exercises will beef up arm day.
man holding up hair that has fallen off

Can you actually regrow hair? The experts tell us the truth

Hair loss is jarring. Plenty of hair growth products promise to reverse the issue. Can they? Experts shared the truth about hair loss treatment for men.
a sliced loaf of bread on the counter

Everything you need to know about the low FODMAP Diet

A low FODMAP diet has made headlines recently. What is a low FODMAP diet, and should you give the plan a try? Here's what to know.
best wallets for men man taking 5 from wallet

The 7 best wallets for men: Our top picks

When it comes to wallets, every man has their own preferences. Don't worry, we've got you covered with the best wallets for men.
a man in a white robe washing face

It’s time to change your skincare routine: Experts reveal tips and tricks for summer

Should your summer skincare routine look different than your winter one? Experts say yes and shared their top summer skincare tips.
a man walking down the street listening to music

Your sedentary lifestyle is doing so much damage — here’s what to know and how to get moving

If your day job has you stuck behind a desk, there's no need to quit to move more. A few simple tricks can help you add more movement to your day.
a man getting a haircut from tattoeed barber

Bad haircuts are the worst — 5 ways to deal and make the best of it

You got a bad haircut. Now what? Believe it or not, you have options. Here's exactly how to fix a bad haircut (and how to prevent one).
iwc releases mark xx pilot watch

IWC’s 75th anniversary pilot watch is an understated gem

The new IWC watches are gorgeous without trying too hard, and they offer features that are equal parts fashionable and functional.
a close up of tons of coffee beans

Is coffee bad for teeth? Dentists explain how you can keep your pearly whites healthy

Is coffee bad for teeth? You may have heard rumors about staining and enamel erosion. Are they true? Dentists gave the truth.
Salomon running shoe on the ground

Salomon everyday running shoes: How do they stack up to the blue blood competition?

Salomon shoes offer lightweight construction. How do they stack up against oft-recommended New Balance shoes? Ready, set, review.
Poolside long shot on sunny day

Study: Americans still don’t take enough vacation

Study: Americans still don’t take enough vacation

No vacation? That's a problem. A new survey by Expedia shows that vacation deprivation is the highest its been in a decade.
man with green acne cream

How to get rid of acne once for all

Get rid of acne quickly and longterm with these expert-backed tips on products, ingredients, and lifestyle tweaks that fight breakouts.
man in bathrobe smiling in the mirror

How to whiten teeth at home: A guide to natural and OTC remedies for pearlier whites

Need to figure out how to whiten teeth at home? You might try a tooth whitening kit or even make dietary tweaks. Here are some proven ways.
foot in sand flip flops

It’s almost summer: Everything you should be doing to care for your feet

Summer is coming, are your feet healthy? Whip feet into shape with pampering and practical tips so they're ready for open-toed shoe season ahead.
man looking at hair loss

13 foods for hair growth: Eat your way to more enviable locks

Though our hair naturally gets thinner as we age, a healthy diet can help prevent hair loss. Learn what to chow down on in this list of foods for hair growth.
two people brushing their teeth in a bathroom

Avoid awkward encounters: Your guide to nixing bad breath ASAP

No one likes bad breath. Here's how to get rid of it for good, along with some signs you might need to see a professional for help.
how to negotiate a 4 day work week two men meeting in office

How to negotiate a 4 day workweek and improve your work-life balance today

The idea of a 4 day workweek is trending but not new. Here's how to negotiate one with your boss and get better work-life balance in the process.
Man Treating Acne Scars

How to treat acne scars at home, according to a dermatologist

Getting rid of acne scars is easy with these simple at-home treatments recommended by dermatologists in order to get rid of the ghosts of the pimples' past.
a man sleeping on his side, a close up

Does sleeping on your side ruin your face shape? Experts weigh in

TikTok is at it again. There's a new rumor that side sleeping affects your face shape. Experts separated fact from fiction.
An airplane in the sky

You won’t be able to get Delta flights to these 17 cities

Say goodbye to Delta Airlines flights at these well-known U.S. cities, plus if and when they'll return to the schedule.
a golf ball on course on edge of hole

A golf range finder might make all the difference in your game — here’s why

Do you have a golf range finder? If not, you should get one ASAP - here's why
An airplane mid-flight

Sorry, travelers — science says air travel turbulence is only going to get worse

Is air travel about to get bumpier? Science says turbulence is rising. Here's why you'll definitely want to buckle up when flying.
baked bread sliced on a white table

Why nutrition experts say you (probably) don’t need that gluten-free diet

It's 2023, and it's time to clear up these myths about gluten-free diets and foods. Nutrition experts weighed in on pros, cons, facts and fiction.
Man using hair spray

The 5 best hair sprays for men: Keep hair in tiptop shape

What's the best hair spray for men? It depends on your locks. One of these products will be your hair's next best friend.
Person using a credit card to online shop

Elevate your vacation plans: These are the best credit cards for travel rewards

What are the best credit cards for travel rewards? We weighed the pros and cons of four popular options, including from Chase and Bank of America.
Veja Wata II

VEJA drops new line of 100% organic cotton sneakers

The new VEJA sneakers are made with 100% organic cotton. What that means, and why you'll also love the new VEJA shoes' style.
a clear beverage with ice in a glass on dark wooden table

Study suggests making alcohol more expensive could save lives

Could more expensive liquor save lives (as in, increasing the cost of it)? Here's what buzzy new research has to say on the topic.
man on golf course in rain storm with umbrella

4 reasons to have a golf umbrella in your bag, no matter what season it is

You might not think you need a golf umbrella, but you're wrong. We're here to explain why you need one in your bag.
The Boston skyline

Climate change is real: These 4 locations had record temperatures this winter

Climate change is real, and these well-known cities have had record-high temperatures this winter as a result.
The inside of a sauna

Should you buy a portable sauna? Here are the pros and cons — and our top picks

Portable saunas are a great way to get a spa-like treatment for a fraction of the cost, but are they worth it? We find out
shower wash hair

How often should men wash their hair? Experts weigh in

How often should men wash their hair? It depends on several factors including scalp conditions and hair porosity. What's that? Experts explained.
white sand beach with palm trees

Report: 4 travel trends influencing where your next vacation will be

Looking for places to go? These vacation trends noted in a new AmEx Travel report might help you hone in on the best vacation spots for 2023.
A man running on the beach

4 good reasons to buy an Apple Watch Ultra if you travel often

They're not calling it the rugged Apple Watch for nothing. The Apple Watch Ultra has numerous benefits that make it an ideal travel companion.
airplane in blue sky

You’re planning trips all wrong — the best hack for the cheapest flights

Travel planning and want to score the cheapest flights? You'll want to read about these unconventional but effective approaches first.
man looking at closet

Men’s style: 10 fashion influencers to follow who can help elevate your look

Men's fashion influencers prove that you do, in fact, have something to wear. Learn more about the men stylishly taking over Instagram.
airport at sunset

Booking an international flight? Study reveals best time to buy (and fly) for every locale

Booking flights for an upcoming trip? Here's exactly when to buy to ensure you get a cheap plane ticket, according to a massive study.
Skincare products on a counter

The best nighttime skincare routine for men, according to experts

Follow these nighttime skincare routine steps for men, backed by experts, to feel rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning.
man reading

Calvin and Hobbes mastermind Bill Watterson is back – but no tigers this time around

Bill Watterson is back with a new novel — but he's not the illustrator, and it's nothing like Calvin and Hobbes. Here's what to know.
man running by mountain

Salomon made a running shoe designed to be beat up – then recycled

The new Salomon shoes are out. They're recyclable once again, and more comfortable and colorful than the originals.
washington dc cherry blossoms

Someone ranked the most underrated U.S. tourist attractions — here are the top 20

Discover a hidden gem next time you book a vacation. Add these underrated tourist attractions to your bucket list of places to visit.
Grandview Barrel Sauna

Everything you need to know before you get a barrel sauna

Barrel saunas look cool, but what's the deal with them? Consider the pros and cons before making a splurge on a barrel sauna.
man tying sneakers outside

How to tie your shoes and make any pair in your closet slip-on shoes

Turn your sneakers into the coolest pair of men's slip-on shoes with these genius YouTube ideas. You'll be out the door — quickly and stylishly.
man wiping his face

The best morning skincare routine for men, according to experts

Experts share tips for perfecting your morning skincare routine. Yes, even your skincare routine order matters — here's what to know.
a luxury watch with a black wristband

It’s a down economy — are watches a good investment? Experts weigh in

Are luxury watches for men a good investment during economic uncertainty? Experts weighed in on that and how to get the most bang for your buck.
infrared sauna

Are infrared saunas worthy of the hype? What you need to know

Infrared saunas are still popular. What are the purported benefits, and what does science say about them? Here's what to know about infrared saunas.
a vegan burger on a cutting board

Study: By 2040, over half of the meat we eat will be vegan or lab-grown

A new study shows that lab-grown and vegan meats are about to get even more popular in the years to come. Here's what else it found.
man receiving a facial

Spring skincare tips: Get your skin ready for brighter days ahead

Spring is just around the corner, which means you'll need to help your skin adjust from cold, dry winter air to warmer days and nights. These tips will help.
A man sitting on a massage table at a spa.

Lymphatic drainage: Overrated wellness trend or game-changer? Experts weigh in

Lymphatic drainage: Overrated wellness trend or game-changer? Experts weigh in

There's hype about lymphatic drainage. Are the purported benefits of lymphatic drainage face massages true, and can you DIY? Experts weighed in.