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The 8 best iced tea brands to drink this summer

These iced teas are perfect for summertime sipping

Homemade iced tea, lemonade with fresh ginger, lemon, lime and mint
Westend61/Adobe Stock

Few things feel as hospitable and rejuvenating as a fresh, cold pitcher of iced tea. About 80% of all tea sold in the U.S. is iced tea, which begs the question, what created this loyal beverage fan base? Tea continues to be a drink that brings people together. Its origins trace across time and the globe. Additionally, a wide range of flavors and blends cater to versatile preferences. From fruity to neutral, tangy, and floral, the secret to great tea is finding the right blend and serving it properly. You don’t always want to add ice, but rather pour your tea from a chilled pitcher or glass.

Not only that, but tea can be marketed in a multitude of ways. If you’re seeking convenience, you may buy yours in a jug, canned, or bottled. For more “old-fashioned” tea drinkers, you may prefer to steep it with tea bags. Although black tea is the most common blend, green tea and herbal flavors are everywhere. We’ve compiled a helpful guide below that introduces you to the market’s top iced tea brands.

Box of Lipton tea bags
Courtesy of Lipton

Best overall: Lipton

If there’s a name that is synonymous with iced tea, it’s Lipton. Well-received and adored for its distinct citrus flavor, you can purchase this option in a convenient pack of 12. Brewed with green tea, the smooth taste is pure and sweet. This is a caffeinated tea as well, giving an added energetic bonus. If you prefer, there are diet options, or peach and berry flavors, to round out the mix. Powdered versions are available wherever Lipton products are sold.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea
Courtesy of Pure Leaf

Best taste: Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Standing firmly at the head of the pack, Pure Leaf consistently ranks among consumers as a fast favorite. Available in over 12 flavors, there are both sweetened and unsweetened options. If you don’t like your tea too bland, the unsweetened options still carry a pleasant flavor for well-adjusted taste buds. No powder of concentrate is used, only fresh-picked tea leaves. All leaves are sustainably sourced, making this an eco-friendly choice as well. Convenience plays a part in Pure Leaf’s popularity, as each serving is in a ready-to-go bottle.

Bai Iced Tea
Courtesy of Bai

Best bottled variety: Bai Iced Tea

If you want real brewed tea in a portable package, look no further. You don’t always have the time to brew your own tea! Available in packages of 6, Bai has all the best-bottled flavors around. Narino Peach, in particular, is a customer favorite. If you’re a health-minded person, you’ll enjoy Bai as well. Each serving contains only 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar. Furthermore, this iced tea is infused with antioxidants for added benefits. The smooth taste is a result of combined black and white tea varieties.

Organic Sweet Leaf Tea
Courtesy of Sweet Leaf

Superior organic blend: Organic Sweet Leaf Tea

This Sweet Leaf tea is all about premium quality. It contains black tea and is sweetened with real cane sugar. Since it is fully organic, this blend is friendly to vegans and vegetarians alike. The low-fat and low-sodium brew can put the most health-conscious consumer at ease. You won’t run dry too soon, as each container holds 64 ounces. Kosher certified, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a superior organic option on the market.

Tejava Original Black Tea Unsweetened
Courtesy of Tejava

Healthiest iced tea: Tejava Original Black Tea Unsweetened

This hidden gem is actually one of the most body-friendly options on the market. Standing apart from its peers, the Tajava has a secret to its success. It is brewed in smaller batches, and all tea leaves are of the highest quality. The resulting taste is remarkably smooth and sweet. There are no sweeteners, no sugar, and no preservatives. In fact, there are no calories! Each bottle contains 33.8 ounces of cold, refreshing tea that is wholesome to the last sip.

The Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Black Tea
Courtesy of The Republic of Tea

Best novelty blend: The Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Black Tea

This tea is likely the most flavorful of the options listed here. The Republic of Tea has an entire lineup for eager tea enthusiasts. This Ginger Peach blend somehow combines the lush profile of a peach with the spice of fresh ginger to create an unforgettable experience. True, you will have to brew this one yourself, but it is well worth the minimal effort for an outstanding result. Since it is sold in brewing bags, it is likely that less sugar is needed, giving you a health-conscious iced tea to enjoy. The Republic of Tea is also a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, promoting well-being and good works for the whole planet.

Tiesta Tea Maui Mango Tea
Courtesy of Tiesta Tea

Best fruit flavor profile: Tiesta Tea Maui Mango Tea

If you like tea that has a fruity, juice-like quality, the Tiesta Maui Mango is just for you. Tropical and tangy, mango is combined with pineapple and orange for a truly festive flavor. Brewed with loose-leaf blends, each bottle has a high-quality finish you can’t get with more traditional varieties. Only real ingredients are used, giving Tiesta an authentic bonus not always found with competitors. This is the way to go if you like strong flavors and a bold blend.

Twisted Tea
Twisted Tea/Facebook

Best spiked: Twisted Tea

If you’re in the market for a more grown-up iced tea, Twisted Tea has got you covered. While the market is full of hard iced teas these days, this classic has been around since 2001, and it has stood the test of time when it comes to spiked brewed goodness. With a variety of flavors, Twisted Tea has something for every palate, including a brand-new summer flavor that tastes like a Rocket Pop. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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